Perhaps the terms “spiritual companionship” and “spiritual friendship” are a bit misleading. Certainly, there is an element of companionship, and the relationship is both spiritual and friendly. But in most cases, it is limited to the realm of spiritual direction. There are always exceptions, but, in general, our relationship will be limited to the time we spend together in our sessions. We most likely won’t do spiritual direction one day and go bowling the next.

Again, this does not mean that a bond of friendship will not form. In fact, Jesus called us all his friends (Jn 15:15) and as such, we should be friends, too. Our time together will be spiritual companioning, and a spiritual friendship should form. But in the end, our activity together will largely be a conversation. We will pray together, too, and at times we might read Scripture or share a devotional practice together. But mostly, we will simply have a conversation.

Perhaps spiritual conversation is yet another way to describe the practice of spiritual direction. We will talk together in a sacred conversation between the three of us, you, me, and God. My prayer is that through that conversation we will hear clearly where God is active in your life and where his Spirit is guiding you. I look forward to our sacred conversations together.

Many blessings,