Seeking God together with someone is an important step. Like the root system of a grove of trees, we supply each other more nourishment in the body of Christ than we realize. Spiritual growth is ultimately something that cannot be done alone. It requires that we interact with a community of believers.

We know that Moses, Jesus, Paul, and others spent time in the wilderness to get closer to God. There is a season for that level of solitude. But we forget that Moses walked with Aaron, Jesus called his disciples to journey with him, and the Lord sent Ananias to accompany Paul as a companion in those critical first days of his ministry. In fact, some tend to think that the better term for spiritual direction is spiritual companionship.

It is true that the director in a spiritual direction session is ultimately the Holy Spirit. The thought is that the “director” is simply a trained companion who helps another person listen for where God is active in their life. Others see the importance of a director sharing wise counsel at least occasionally. As a spiritual director, I see my role first and foremost as that of companion. I am here to accompany you and listen with you as you seek God. However, along the way I will also not hesitate to share any guidance that I am led to share by the Holy Spirit.